A gentle reminder…

Some of us are constantly waiting for people’s approval to believe in ourselves. We can never trust ourselves to be doing something so great and so well. I think l have also been a victim of that because I am always lowkey waiting on people to tell me how good l am at something before l feel confident. I have always felt the need for someone to stop me and say Hey, you are doing a great job, you are really good at ABC. But if l cant confidently tell myself that l am then what am l really doing. A lot of people have commended my confidence, smile, writing, beauty, my ability to comfort, support and many other things. Whenever l mention that lm nervous or scared, people tend to think lm bluffing because a few moments later l tend to deliver excellently in that which l am not confident of. My Geography teacher used to say ‘If you don’t say l am, no one will say you are” This is so true. You need to start constantly remind yourself of all the good things you are. Feed your inner soul with all the good things. You are beautiful, you are handsome, you are intelligent, smart, hardworking, confident and you deserve so much credit, You are a great Nurse, Entrepreneur, Mathematician(yes you are), Accountant, Doctor, Engineer, daughter, son, brother, sister, lover, friend and those who have you are very lucky. I throw a challenge at you, every day when you wake up speak words of affirmation to yourself, think highly of yourself, and keep on working to be the best version of yourself. This is a gentle reminder that you are on track, you are enough and we are all lucky to have you. Stay Blessed!!

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