No rain, no flowers…

Today has been one of those days. College isn’t easy. I mean l never expected it to be but l wish it could have been a bit nicer, a little bit of fun there and some flexible hours over there but heyii, impilo yi Tadaa. Anyways apart from the back-to-back lectures and a lot of club activities lm doing well. Lent has started, l would like to believe we appreciate this kind of thing the more we grow older. Lent is a time for us to reflect and fast. For others if not most of the people it’s also a time to deprive ourselves of something we truly like or just any luxury. For those who are Christians what have, you decided to give up? Personally, it’s been a roller coaster ride and l don’t know if am doing it well enough but that’s my conversation with God. Have you ever felt like everything is just not going to plan? I know we have the luxury of blaming the pandemic on this but hayi no mahhnn !. If you are one of those people who hasn’t been winning lately, you are not alone. If we could all walk with our failures stuck to our foreheads lm sure we would see a lot. One thing l know is everything’s falling into place soon. I believe that’s how the universe works. We face a bit of bump and disappointments before we finally get to where we want. Be kind to yourself, the journey isn’t over till it’s over. In the words of Bobo ‘ilwa ntombo’. I mean it’s tough for all of us right now but we definitely are going to reach where we want, be it academically, financially, spiritually, or any aspect of our life. On a lighter note, one of my favorite guys has started saying ‘Gogoi’ and he even now knows how to lay his bed. Someone who knows or has a family member with autism will know how much joy these ‘little’ things bring. I’m so excited about it and so is the rest of the family. My other sibling now knows how to add 10 and 10. The other day she told me of how a boy in her class said water from the tap is solid. (I still couldn’t believe that she knew it was liquid)  Am l old enough to say ‘They grow up so fast’ It’s so cute and everyday lm always in awe of the smart human she is becoming. In the midst of all this I’m sure there is also something that makes you happy no matter how small. Remember every day is a good day to make things better. Be kind to yourself and allow yourself to go through everything. I just hope l am strong enough to do the same. Enjoy the rest of the week. 

Here are links to my two favourite songs  that have been keeping me sane. I hope you enjoy them as much as l do.

  1. Dj Zinhle – Indlovu  

The song is basically is saying l won’t lose hope, l will hold on and eventually be successful, l am an elephant (ndlovu). 

2.  Jub Jub & The Greats – The Official Music Video for the “Ndikhokhele Remake”

The song is someone basically asking for guidance from the Maker. It’s a remake with many other artists and lm sure you will enjoy it. For my fellow Christians, you might like to read Psalms 91 

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