A work in progress…

Happy New Year everybody….Sigh..After ghosting this page for what feels like forever, lm happy to say l’m back. A lot has happened over the past few months ( side note , l feel like an influencer saying this) but anywayyyy l figured the best way to start the year is by talking about what almost everyone tweets about , HEALING. There is a saying that goes, ‘Time heals almost everything, give it time’ On a certain day when l was feeling low last year l tweeted that and l told myself , Next year l would go back to the tweet and I’m certain l would be in a better space. Guess what? I  have visited that tweet every single month from the day l wrote it and six months from then l realized that NOTHING had changed, l was so devastated cause l couldn’t believe how neither my Self love books, affirmations nor time had healed me. It is only then l came to a realization that unless we change our thoughts or habits and become intentional about healing ourselves, time will do nothing but just go by. I then started to become an active participant in my healing. My aunt once said, ‘Find out what Melissa Likes and feed her with that’ l have never been the same person again. I started searching for the little things that made me feel whole and made decisions  that made me happy. With every decision l took, l always told myself that there is no deadline for my healing, if this doesn’t bring me back to my old self by xx then it’s still fine. Healing is a journey and that being 100% healed is some crazy concept . I think the greatest thing one can do for themselves is acknowledge that they can be a masterpiece and still be a work in progress on their healing. If you are reading this and you are also on your ‘healing journey’, l wish you nothing but the best, l hope in trying to ‘fix’ yourself , you realize you are still a masterpiece. Wishing you a masterpiece of a week.

Credit : @dino_comics

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