A woman of substance

I am a woman – full of substance

A woman of valour

I am the very woman – full of valour

A woman of great potential 

I breed potential people ,peace and prosperity

I breed this breathing population.

A woman of multiplication –

I have multiplied this global village 

Into a profound beautiful village

From peasant to president

The beautiful babies to the handsome guys

I am – a woman of multiplication

Ilimination by substitution

I am here again to bring about the substitution.

A woman of profound perseverence

I carry endurance during my duration

A woman of sublimation –

I am ubiquitous like water .

I carry the weight that weighs the nation

I carry the love that makes this nation so lovely

I carry the heart that buries bitterness

I am a woman of words and wisdom

Yesterday ,today and thereafter.

Can you imagine a world without me?

A global village without women

Woman – i am a woman 

From yesterday and yester years.

Life will cease without woman

Men will cease to survive

When no woman is left to survive and serve

Feelings will have no filling spaces

Love will lose its lease of love.

I am a woman – 

So full of prolonged and profound love

I am – a woman 

So full of vision and valour.

Only time will tell you 

All the living tales of womanhood

Time will take you 

Where women have already been

It always take two to tango

And it does take two to tango everyday.

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