I experienced God in the mountains…

I went mountain climbing today. That sounds too plain, l went up the highest mountain in West Africa .Gosh it was such an experience. We will ignore the fact that the bus we used gave us a hard time and we arrived there 7 hours later. Initially when we went up l found it to be a way to exercise and remove some fat. We started the journey with my sisters and we later on went in front with Mel. All we wanted to do was to get to the top. We were surrounded by so many people from different places all with a goal of going to the top.  We started with so much energy , literally just going up. 

Then we started feeling tired and had to take some breaks after a few minutes of climbing. After what feels like forever we saw a big green post and we were excited thinking gosh we are almost there. Tell me how we had just made it to a quarter of the journey. I let out a sigh. We had climbed for like a lifetime just to be told we had gone a quarter way. We stopped at a point and l looked at Mel. I asked her one of the most random questions and said ‘Why are we even climbing?’ She looked at me and said let’s go up a little and talk about it as we climb. From there that’s when the journey felt meaningful. We had a good conversation on why we were there. We are so different but so similar and there is one thing we both had come to do.It wasnt to exercise or to prove a point or to be the first from our tribe. It was something bigger than that. So here we were two strong, outspoken and unruly girls with nothing but a backpack and a few mls of water going up a mountain to seek answers and closure. We stopped so many times trying to catch our breath. We laughed, we met strangers who were kind enough to give us a helping hand to get up. There were a lot of motivational speakers. Personally l was tired of them. How dare you tell me I’m almost there when l have not reached halfway. Guys stop giving people false hope (written on a very light note). When we sat down for our break before reaching halfway through our journey we met Arnold who was kind enough to give us his bottle of water. Shout out to him for being so helpful. Mel was like I’m sure we can get to the top now we have enough water to last us. You know what l liked about this experience; in the mountain anyone and everyone was willing to help. If I needed a helping hand they were ready to assist and so were we. The world would be a better place if we all behaved the way we did up that mountain.

Anyway fast forward now  three quarters up. It was there that we decided we weren’t going back. Side note the same way you came up was the same way you went down. There wasn’t any shortcut down or some help. Silly me was like are we getting a helicopter up there to take us down. Since we were walking and taking breaks to reflect we were a bit left behind. When we were up our final quarter l was like, ‘ Madzimai l hope it rains heavily when we get to the top so l can soak it in’ Listen God listens and when l tell you that when we were thirty minutes it started drizzling. There hadn’t been a sign of rain the last few hours.  At that time some people were coming down and we could hear others shouting that they had got to the top. Nobody said anything between me and Mel and we just continued with our climb. We didn’t even take our usual breaks, we just went up. It’s as if the rains gave us the strength we needed. The more we went up the more the rain came . Those motivational speakers didn’t stop with their ‘ You are almost there’ , and they all said 5 minutes more but we weren’t even five minutes away. Like i said if you are one of those people ‘stop it mhani’ (hahaha).

We started seeing some light, finally we were almost there. The moment l set foot on the top the heavens opened and it rained heavily. Did I mention that God is a beautiful God? At that moment everything was released , l found a rock for myself, sat there and had the most painful cry l have ever had. It was as if everything had been released from my shoulders. I had a conversation with God. I don’t even know what we talked about, it was just a cry to Him. When Jutsa (if you know you know) saw me, they uttered that l should just take everything in. For a good 15 minutes I felt what I had never felt in a very long time. See the thing is people like me who are known to be strong and all rarely or never cry. We suck up things and we MOVE. Today was different because we got to be vulnerable. I can never describe the feeling in a way that makes you understand how beautiful everything was. I went to Mel who had found her own spot and we hugged. I somehow wish that someone captured that moment but it’s very clear in my mind and l know l won’t forget it. We later took pictures. We looked terrible but we were happier, calmer and at peace. How we came back down is a story for another day but all l can say is it’s always easier going down than coming up ( my body still aches ) So buckle up mate we are still climbing. This is your Sunday reminder that your healing is a journey and the road up is never easy. 

So then the two strong, outspoken, unruly Black women who were also tired, upset, mad, sad and disappointed made their way down. But this time we were different. We didn’t get the answers we wanted but we found peace, closure, happiness,  healing and we saw the most beautiful view you could ever see in your lifetime. I am more energized and ready to carry on. Ladies and gentlemen I felt and experienced God in the mountains and lm never the same. My journey is indeed my reward and lm becoming.

After the climb. The natural hair did what it knows after being wet by the rain
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