Campus diaries

Today l woke up in a good mood. I went by Bra Simon’s place to get a kota and diet coke. When l woke up it felt like l was ready to conquer the world. Melody and l were catching up on campus gossip. I heard the girl in her class, short hair, always wearing a doek and skirts that almost touch the ground, the one who is always following Professor Ncube, is getting married next week. Yoo haa aah chomie!, l say to Mel. That girl is practically a baby. Apparently the guy impregnated her and he wants to do a quick job of marrying her otherwise they both will be chased from church. I never understood these churches that chase people because of pregnancies outside wedlock. Isn’t God an understanding God though. Anyways l could have never guessed that Patricia would do such. She belongs to the part of campus that attends church everyday. That day she gave me a dirty eye when she saw me sharing condoms during the Sex Ed event. Shame, poor girl should have befriended me and l would have given her some. Anyways, that’s none of my business. Besides, l have much better things to do with my time. Things like continue sobbing over my lost love. Yesterday was a mess. I cried myself to sleep. It felt like a part of me died. I thought l was good when l woke up. I laid my bed and had a nice long shower. I was catching up on my Business Law revision. There is so much work to do. Why do we even get tests ? Can the lecturers just trust that we understand the material? Studying is keeping me busy. It’s good but what happens after this. At one point l took a power nap. Actually it was a failed attempt. My pillow is tired of carrying the floods. I’m sure Ed Sheraan is asking for water to drink, poor guy has been on repeat the whole time with no break. I never thought l would cry like this. I’m the definition of strong. The strong is not stronging like it should. It’s been two days and l have been crying non stop. I suspect lm now crying for the family members l have lost phela this is not normal. Anyway l need to get back to my old self. Patrick wants to meet me for our Entrepreneurship project. That boy is a very hardworking shame. He makes the rest of us look like we are not serious with this degree. I heard his father has 8 wives. Eight !!! guys, l mean njani. He has a lot of siblings and since he is the first born he has to work and provide for them. Our parents used to tell us we should understand our backgrounds. Iminwe ayilingani mntanami my mother would say. We have the very wealthy here and we have those that really dont have much and are working to provide for their families. I hope he actually makes it, Patrick l mean. Its 10 already, l have to get going…

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